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A Better Box

Stacklane's platform provides turnkey software architecture and cloud infrastructure for new websites and web apps. Decades of battle-worn best practices are distilled into readily usable patterns — whenever possible we do not reinvent the wheel, but make the wheel faster to drive. And best-in-class infrastructure providers ensure immediate scale and durability.

Microservice Architecture

Think and code with small, purpose-specific logic — efficient to maintain and evolve with changing teams. Business goals can be organized as distinct sites, and then combined at different URLs to build a complete solution. Or, host your newest initiative at your own sub-domain.

Security First

All data stored with Stacklane is encrypted at rest, and SSL is available for no extra charge beyond the certificate's cost. Every page is served with a Content Security Policy to prevent code injection attacks. We never track your visitors, and all cookies are under your control.

Highly Scalable NoSQL

Our document based database solution is highly available and durable, with multi-master nodes spread across geographic regions. Sharding and replication are automatic, giving you a database that scales automatically to handle your application's load.

Clean, REST-Oriented Code

Simple, direct execution of your code files stored in GIT, and organized by RESTful paths. No UI setup or provisioning of individual endpoints or assets. Carefully selected and highly-tuned technologies — including server-side validated Javascript, Mustache, HTML, and SCSS — work together to express your design.

Smart Data Models

Every new field is immediately indexed, queryable, and code-ready. Choose from available model types to define an overall purpose to your model's data (tenant, content, event, etc.) Based on this type, the platform automatically optimizes how the backend stores and manages the model's data.

Serverless Global Scale

Go serverless, and focus on outcomes not individual instances. Endpoints are deployed within minutes to multiple U.S. and W. European locations. And with more than 80 edge locations around the world, the always-on content delivery network ensures your CSS and images are close to visitors — faster page loads and increased engagement.