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Stacklane is the full-service web application platform that helps you build, run, and scale. Start thinking about results, and leave the rest to Stacklane’s scalable software architecture and cloud infrastructure.

The complete toolkit for web-based apps

Stacklane supports the entire application lifecycle to help make your business more successful, providing a strong foundation that will last. We’ve made the time intensive architectural and infrastructure decisions, so you can work on executing your ideas and build quickly, without sacrificing security and scale. Get back to what you do best: creating great products.

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Developers First

Web technologies are the most successful universal runtime in the world. Writing code for the Stacklane platform means never worrying about API versioning, deprecation, complex setup UIs, configurations, or arcane build processes. Great software lasts for years, and early technology decisions become deeply embedded in your results. In the end it is the most maintainable code that wins over time.

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Turnkey Software Architecture

Rapidly deliver and maintain complex applications with our obsessively engineered architecture. Carefully crafted abstractions ensure that your code is never left behind as features and technologies evolve. When faced with delivering results, rest assured that security, speed, and long-term maintenance are not sacrificed.

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Serverless Global Scale

Go serverless, and focus on outcomes not individual instances. Web apps are deployed within minutes to multiple U.S. and European locations, and data scales automatically to handle your application's load. Faster page loads and increased engagement are the result of our always-on, worldwide content delivery system.

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