Work on what matters.
Jump start your next web project. Built with the developer in mind, Stacklane allows you to deploy quickly on a stable foundation to give you and your client peace of mind.
Create faster using the tools you already know.
Turnkey software architecture

Rapidly deliver and maintain complex applications with our obsessively engineered architecture. Stacklane was born through the trials and tribulations of successful web startups, and our carefully selected and tuned components let you focus on what matters.
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Smaller teams, bigger results

Say goodbye to frameworks, libraries, patching, database tuning, and arcane deployment. Accelerate software delivery cycles and get your product to market faster with a platform that allows your team, small or large, to create products without worrying about infrastructure.

Write once, run forever

Writing code for the Stacklane platform means never worrying about API versioning, deprecation, or upgrades again. You took the time to write your code, and shouldn’t have to change it simply because we want you to. We believe in a platform that lets your code run... forever.
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Create better products with the tools you already use

Reduce creation time while using the tools and web technologies you already known and love. Stacklane integrates with the software you already use, such as JavaScript, NoSQL, GitHub, and BitBucket, and integrates with IDEs such as WebStorm.

Effortless performance

Stacklane makes data a fundamental building block of the web. Use data in a big or small ways, and everywhere in between. Go serverless, and focus on outcomes not individual instances.

Protect your data and users

Spend your time creating rather than worrying about the security of your products and customers. Don’t wait until success hits to think about security – secure web-apps from the beginning with our uncompromising best practices.

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