Error Handling

Learn about views for handling expected and unexpected errors.

Error endpoints are Mustache view prefixed with "⚡️". They support Mustache layouts, however beyond layouts they are very restricted. For example you may not load data into a Mustache error view.


Multiple error views may be defined. The nearest error view to the endpoint causing the error will be served. For example, given an endpoint generating an error at /here/{there}/everywhere.js, the error view /here/⚡️.html will be served instead of the earlier error view at /⚡️.html.


Default / Catch-All

The default error view used when a more specific error view is not defined is called ⚡️.html.

Not Found

Naming the error view ⚡️NotFound.html will cause this to be selected over the default error view in cases that are "Not Found-Like". This includes simple missing endpoints, as well as uncaught cases where a loaded Model was not found.