Learn about the limits which emphasize Stacklane best practices.

Stacklane's limits are designed to emphasize best practices for using the platform, not make your life difficult. For every limit there is usually an alternative approach with better long term scale and maintenance characteristics.

For example, we limit the size of a repository to emphasize its use as controller + view, and not for example as a way to serve large files, or model-like content. Lists of embedded entries are limited to emphasize using containers for cases that may call for unbounded entries. And so on.

Limit Amount
Repository: Total Size 10 MB
Repository: Image Count
Repository images are primarily for styling / decoration / theme. Consider using SVG for decoration as well.
Model: Total Number of Entries Unlimited
Model: Field and Model Type Name Length 20 chars
Model: Field Count
This can be effectively extended using embedded field types, as long as the provisioned size for the type is not exceeded.
Model: Embedded List Entries
The maximum number of embedded entries in a multi-valued field. Typically this will be customized to a lesser value, to reduce the total provisioned size. For unbounded one-to-many associations use containers.
Model: Field Type Size
Choose the right field type for the job.
Model: Provisioned Size

The sum of all field type sizes. Exceeding the Provisioned Size of a model type will be determined during compile/build time, ensuring that during runtime there are zero surprises.

Universal Type
Content Type
Event Type
User Profile Type