Email Module

Learn about setting up the email module.

The email module allows you to compose and send email using specific providers. Pre-configured providers allow Stacklane to provide simpler configurations. Contact us if you require a provider not already setup.

Basic Use

Once configured, the email module named "📧" is available to non-GET JavaScript endpoints. Use the factory method to, then build the email, and finally call send(). The email will not be sent unless the endpoint completes successfully.

import {Email} from '📧';'')

Plain Text

For creating emails with longer plain text, use a Function Supplier combined with JavaScript template literals:

let BillingSetupEmailText = (name)=>{

return `Dear ${name},

Thanks for setting up billing!`;


export {BillingSetupEmailText};
import {Email} from '📧';
import {BillingSetupEmailText} from '📤';
import {account} from '🔗';
import * as Props from '🎨';



An email service provider must be configured with a username, password, and "from" address. For sites configured in the Stacklane Console, the UI will guide the setup of these required fields. For a test environment such as WebStorm, you'll need to configure these directly:

  • "from" — May either be a simple email address, or it may contain a display name using the RFC822 format: "Example & Co." <>
  • [PROVIDER_TYPE] — Should be replaced with one of the supported provider types listed below. For example the full key for Mailgun would be email:mailgun.


For a list of available providers see integrations. To configure a provider from a test environment make sure and use its type.