Form Parameters

Access simple form values.


There are several different ways to access low-level form values. For more expressive model-based form handling check out Controllers → Forms.

Single Values

/* Specific parameters */

import {specific, param, here as Other} from 'form';

/* As object */

import {Form} from 'form{}';

let theValue = Form.theParamName;
let theOtherValue = Form['theOtherParam'];

If the form parameter name is separated by dashes on the client-side, such as this-that, then import it with camel case instead: thisThat.

Multiple Values

When accessing multiple values, the variable will always be a defined array, even if the form submission did not include any value (empty array).

/* Specific parameters */

import {selections} from 'form[]';

selections.forEach(v=>{ /*...*/ });

/* As object */

import {Form} from 'form{}';

Form.values('selections').forEach(v=>{ /*...*/ });

Form Object

The Form object imported from 'form{}' has the following methods:


Returns an array of submitted form values, which may be iterated with .forEach(key=>{..})


Returns true if keyName was submitted for the form, even if the submitted value is empty.


Returns an array of values for a same-named field, regardless of whether the form submission contained the value. The returned value will never be null, but may be an empty array.