Quotas & Units

Learn about quotas which emphasize Stacklane best practices.

Stacklane's quotas are designed to guide and emphasize best practices, ensuring long term scale and performance characteristics.

The following quotas deal with the size of data inside a source code repository.

Quota Limit
Source Code
Size of the source code only — static assets, endpoints, settings, etc. This does not refer to model data storage.
5 MB
Image Count
Repository images are primarily for styling / decoration / theme and are not related to model data images.

Endpoints should always be crafted to do small amounts of work quickly. For example, they are not for initiating large batch operations.

Quota Limit
JavaScript Execution Time
Maximum length of time for a JavaScript endpoint to execute (does not include the time to send the response to the client).
30 Seconds
JavaScript Model Batch Size
Maximum updates (total of create/update/delete) which may be performed in a single user request / transaction. Larger updates may be split into other requests.
100 Updates
Quota Limit
Total Records Unlimited
Field and Model Name Length 20 chars
Field Count
Extendable using embedded field types, as long as the provisioned size for the type is not exceeded.
Field Type Size
Choose the right field type for the job.
Embedded List Entries
The maximum number of embedded entries in a multi-valued field. Typically this will be customized to a lesser value, to reduce the total provisioned size. For unbounded one-to-many associations use containers.
Provisioned Size

The sum of all provisioned field sizes. Exceeding the provisioned size of a model type will be determined during compile/build time, ensuring that during runtime there are zero surprises.

Universal Type
Content Type
User Profile Type


A model type's total provisioned size is the sum of the provisioned size for each field defined for the model. Stacklane determines the provisioned size of a model at compile time, ensuring that during runtime there are zero surprises.

Field Type Provisioned Size
string 4 x max characters (400 bytes by default)
boolean 1 byte
integer 8 bytes
double 8 bytes
timestamp 8 bytes
date 8 bytes
options 50 bytes
country 3 bytes
geo 16 bytes
image 100 bytes (independent of image size)
hierarchy 50 bytes
svg-icon 2000 bytes
uid 100 bytes
html 2,000 bytes (by default)
markdown 4 x max characters (8,000 bytes by default)
Embedded Sum of field sizes (x times number of possible entries)

Stacklane pricing plans are based on virtual units. Units include storage, access, and operation. Using units ensures that plans are automatically adaptable to a wide range of sites and applications.

Unit Name Amount
Universal Record
Use and storage of a single Universal model record.
1 Unit
Content Record
Use and storage of a single Content model record.
2 Units
User & Profile Records
Use and storage of a single User, along with any number of its Profile models.
100 Units
Uploaded Image
Use and storage of a single user-uploaded image.
For example, a Universal model with 1 image would be 4 units total.
3 Units
A single notification to your company during an important event, such as support or sales form contacts.
1 Unit