Learn about importing and using Stacklane Connectors

Connectors provide a secure and type-safe way to access third party REST APIs, as well as define Content Security Policies for third party client-side libraries.


Stacklane maintains a registry of Connectors. View the listing →.


Connectors must be imported into the project that will use it. Define a root file named /🔌.yaml Within this file specify each imported connector's GIT source (branch/tag is optional):



Connectors may predefine one or more <link> and <script> tags, which may be thought of as a client-side connection. These specialized third party tags are used directly in Mustache. The main advantage to using connector tags is their ability to set a Content Security Policy.


After importing the connector, the tag may be used directly in a Mustache file:

< defer/>


Many third party REST APIs require an authorization token. To pass the authorization token during development builds, see the development credentials JSON format.

The credential key for a connector is api:[connector-root-domain], where [connector-root-domain] is the name of the rest API's root domain. For example, a connector to would have the credential key of


For production deployment, the repository /owner/ must match the owner of the source which is importing connector.

The pre-approved owner /stacklane-registry/ is also permitted.


This documentation covers Connector usage. For information on development see "Developing Connectors".