This configuration is only needed to enable user and/or session functionality.

To enable user or session functionality drop a settings file into the root named /👤.yaml. After learning about the settings and related concepts involved, check out the closely related user scripting.


Predefined string which specifies the overall authentication mode of the site. Default: inherit

  • inherit — Default. If the site is nested, inherit the parent site's user behavior, otherwise none
  • none — Explicitly disabled user and/or session functionality.
  • required — Private access only, requiring user authentication for all endpoints.
  • optional — Aware of users, but they are not explicitly required for access.


By default the root 👤.yaml impacts all files and descendant directories.

Additional user settings files (👤.yaml) may be selectively placed in sub-directories. As with the root file, settings in a sub-directory file are in scope for all descendants, unless another 👤.yaml is specified, in which case that begins a new scope.