Use the languages and tools you already know and love.
Files & GIT
All Stacklane functionality is represented by well-known and easy to maintain files. There are no complex configurations or new interfaces to learn. Keep you and your team in sync with standard file formats, and GIT connections to GitHub and Bitbucket.
Stacklane uses a highly tuned server-side JavaScript engine, optimized for type-safe validation, security, and scale. It's a subset of the JavaScript you already know, with perfect abstractions for common web app functionality.
Use the logic-less Mustache templating language to define HTML views. Its simple syntax keeps things moving, and any collaborators feeling right at home.
Sass is the missing server-side extension for CSS. Reference files directly in your HTML views and let Stacklane automatically handle compilation and CDN distribution.
Carefully designed and integrated component abstractions ensure that code always takes advantage of scale, security, and maintainability.
Data Models
With Stacklane data models become as easy to use as a CSS file. Drop in a file with your model definition, and it immediately becomes available to code. Production environments use geographic replication, sharding, and caching to ensure fast and available data.
Create private member areas with ease, using Stacklane's built-in authentication-as-a-service. Let users keep the passwords they already have, from trusted third parties they already know. Define security roles and access rules to ensure users only access the areas they should.
One of the web's greatest accomplishments is its rich cross-linking and resource sharing. Stacklane makes connections to third party APIs always type-safe, secure, and reusable between projects.
Access Keys
Credentials related to third party integrations use our secure key vault. This ensures that third party usernames, passwords, credentials, and tokens are never stored in source code, since they are unusable from within the source code itself.
Stacklane's testing environments encourage quick iterations, testing-as-you-go, and a shared view of progress.
Production Parity
Never again wonder whether something might break between test and production environments. Stacklane's test environments are matched with production environments in both architecture and infrastructure, ensuring confidence with every deployment.
Shareable links
Get everyone on the same page with shareable test environments. Every new test environment uses a distinct, secure, and shareable link, ensuring that nothing exists in isolation on one machine.
Release early and release often with Stacklane's easy production deployments. Using feature parity with test environments, there are zero surprises or crossed fingers.
One-click deployment
Deploy new versions directly from a GIT branch or tag, using whatever workflow makes sense for your project and team size. Whether a simple master branch, or explicit version tags, Stacklane will deploy within minutes around the globe.
Global distribution
With Stacklane your web app is global from day one. Don't wait for success or contingency to consider geographic distribution. An 80+ location content delivery network, and redundant endpoint hosts, ensure that visitors can always reach your site, wherever they are.
Automatic scale
Stacklane's horizontal, stateless, endpoint and data scaling ensure that as your business grows, your app remains stable and accessible.
Forever Code
Stacklane’s platform was built to stand the test of time. We guarantee that the code you write and run on Stacklane will never need to be re-written because of a Stacklane version change or deprecation, or we’ll change it for you.
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