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Stop the endless cycle of changing APIs, versions, and deprecations with Forever Code.
Forever Code Guarantee

Software is the beautiful product that never stops changing. Customer requirements, deadlines, new features, new directions. You’ve got enough on your plate.

All software has external dependencies such as runtimes, third party libraries, APIs, security patches, and cloud infrastructure services. Collectively these place additional demands on your software to adapt to the latest third party whims. Working those changes into your already busy development schedule, re-developing, and re-testing is too much. It takes a toll and most often goes unaddressed — building technical debt, creating security issues, and leaving everything constantly behind.

Stacklane’s platform was built to stand the test of time. We guarantee that the code you write and run on Stacklane will never need to be rewritten because of a Stacklane version change or deprecation, or we’ll change it for you. Smart abstractions ensure uncompromising security and scale, and it means we continuously keep up with the latest and greatest technologies while your code lives on.

Let your business drive code changes. Leave the rest to Stacklane.

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