Welcome to Stacklane

Welcome to the Stacklane Platform Evaluation Guide. We’ve assembled this guide to provide a high level overview of the platform and our vision. This guide largely focuses on the “what” and “why”, leaving the more detailed “how” to our developer documentation.

What Is Stacklane’s Vision?

After more than two decades the web has proven itself the most successful universal runtime in the world. We believe it will be here for the next two decades, and the apps you build with Stacklane are here for the long term.

We founded Stacklane after decades of building and running successful web startups. From complex architecture, to the mismatched goals of business owners and development teams, and finally the onslaught of cloud services options, Stacklane was born from those experiences.

With Stacklane we set out to solve our personal frustrations with both building and maintaining web applications – distilling the ever growing complexity of stack choices, which often fail to deliver on long term results, into a unifying architecture and infrastructure.

Stacklane strives to be a buzzword-free zone, where instead of chasing shiny objects, we focus on real solutions. We believe in helping business owners and developers focus on outcomes over techniques, enabling better web apps to be built faster.

Finally, we believe in the power of code and developers. You’ll find no WYSWIG editors here – they have their place for mocking up requirements, but ultimately fail at providing truly custom and highly tuned results.

What Does Stacklane Do?

Stacklane distills and unifies the common and battle-tested best practices of the web into readily usable architecture and infrastructure. We love web apps that improve the ecosystem of the web, focusing on users, content, and commerce.

We believe the gamut of language, library, and infrastructure choices comes with a hidden cost – as choices balloon, so does the opportunity for bad decisions and technical debt.

Stacklane instead offers carefully selected, time-tested practices which we then optimize specifically for performance and the least amount of friction, setup, or compromise.

Stacklane’s founding principles are simplicity, speed, and security. We want results to be direct and obvious, favoring convention over configuration.

Good software lasts for years, and early technology decisions become deeply embedded in your results. In the end it is the most maintainable code that wins over time.

We want your focus on purpose and outcomes – the “what and why”. Leave the “how” to Stacklane.

Who Is Stacklane For?

Stacklane believes in the power of developers and code, and the ability of business owners and developers to consistently iterate and maintain quality software over long periods of time.

Junior developers are provided architecture-in-a-box, keeping the quality of software consistent and scalable.

Senior developers can accelerate decision making and outcomes in the ever expanding cloud ecosystem – bypassing the common pain points which are similar from project to project.

Business owners are ensured faster and better results, adhering to performance and security best practices, while insulating projects from developer churn and technical debt.

It’s even for us – all of the Stacklane websites and web apps, including our administrative console, are written and running on the Stacklane platform itself.