A full-service web app platform engineered for growth.
Stacklane’s architecture was built from the ground up for scale and security, using modern stateless best practices, and horizontal scaling to ensure resilience and scale.
Create Faster

Stacklane serves businesses from small single team organizations to enterprise companies who want to create faster. We’re committed to innovation and building our business, so businesses like yours can build theirs. We deliver a solution-based, scalable platform you can use to create whatever your imagination leads you to.

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Present and Future Proof

Stacklane provides carefully selected, time-tested practices which we optimize for performance and the least amount of friction, setup, or compromise. Our careful abstractions ensure that your project is never left behind as newer features and technologies are added.

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Stacklane believes in the power of developers and code, and the ability of businesses to iterate and maintain quality software over long periods of time. Use the languages you already know and love, and reduce technical debt by keeping your focus on results — leave the ever-changing landscape of stack choices to us.

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Uncompromising reliability

We believe web apps and companies of all sizes and shapes deserve the best. Use our stateless architecture, geographic data redundancy and replication, global distribution, and security models, to ensure your web app is ready for whatever traffic your success brings.

Global reach instantly

Your web app's architecture and infrastructure should be global from day one. Stacklane offers globally distributed endpoints to weather geographic outages, an always-on content delivery network, and smart routing so that users and visitors always access the server closest to them.

Industry expertise built-in

We founded Stacklane after decades of building and running successful web-based companies. Our mission is to distill the ever-changing world of technology choices into a unifying architecture and infrastructure which helps developers and business owners focus on results over techniques and buzzwords.

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